Saturday, 19 January 2013

Discovery: Port Mone - River

Instrumental trio Port Mone were formed in the architectural city of Minsk, Belarus. What better place to create ambient / apocalyptic folk than an ex-soviet republic. The sounds created on Port Mone's debut album Dip are truly eclectic. They range from the gothic vibes expected from 1980s female led punk bands, to the apocalyptic folk of Current 93. A highlight has to be the funky "River", which clocks in at a steady four minutes and five seconds.

"River" features a decisive bass pattern and reverberated percussion. The accordion is clearly the focus, not only on "River" but on Dip. It's their version of a reggae bands brass, or the technical percussion for a jazz band. Instrumental music is much harder to pull off than say a regular old pop band. The structures have to vary or the track falls down on its knees. Sometimes instrumental music can sound messy and even out of touch. Port Mone have proved on "River" and on their debut album Dip that the art of minimalistic folk can be done.

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